Item 2

Exercise 1 – Vocabulary 

Open the pdf file below to do the exercise:

fichier pdf item2_exercise1

Online pronunciation dictionary: 

Answer key:  fichier pdf item2_exercise1_key


Exercise 2 – Transmit a 9-line Medical Evacuation Message

Open the pdf file to do the exercise:

fichier pdf item2_exercise2 

Link for exercise 2: Operational medicine video

Answer key: fichier pdf item2_exercise2_key


Military lingo:

Sometimes, comprehension is made difficult by the use of abbreviations, acronyms and specific jargon. To make sense of what is said, the context must be taken into account. For instance, what does the following sentence mean?

« Helo’s inbound in two mikes. »

To understand the sentence in context, look at pages 77-78 in the graphic novel « The Docs »:

The Docs (graphic novel by the Naval Health Research Center)

Pronunciation and accent can also be problems in comprehension. To hear the example sentence pronounced, click on the link below. Copy-paste the sentence, select one of the American accents from the list in « Voice » and click on « Say it ».



Vocabulary revisions 1

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