Item 3

Exercise 1 – The human body

Check your knowledge of vocabulary to describe the human body on Merriam-Webster’s visual dictionary. Click on « next » to see the following plates (anterior and posterior views, man and woman). Click on a word to see the corresponding definition. Click on the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of the word.

Human body 

Open the PDF file below to practice vocab relating to the human body.

fichier pdf item3_exercise1

Answer key: fichier pdf item3_exercise1_key

Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

More detailed vocab:



Exercise 2 – Lexical diagram

Open the PDF file below and look at the lexical diagram to find the missing word.

fichier pdf item3_exercise2

Answer key: fichier pdf item3_exercise2_key


Exercise 3 – Vocabulary 

Open the pdf document to do the exercise.

fichier pdf item3_exercise3

Answer key: fichier pdf item3_exercise3_key


Exercise 4 – Combat Lifesaving

Open the pdf document to do the exercise.

fichier pdf item3_exercise4

Watch the three parts of the video to answer the questions:

CLS Part 1

CLS Part 2 

CLS Part 3

Answer key: fichier pdf item3_exercise4_key

America’s Army (play the whole game online or offline)




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