Ressources en ligne


1) Dictionnaires unilingues:

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online

Merriam-Webster OnLine

2) Dictionnaires bilingues:

Le site Lexilogos rassemble sur une même page d’accès des dictionnaires français, anglais, anglais-français et français-anglais.

3) Dictionnaire visuel:

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary – Human being + Health

4) Dictionnaire de prononciation:

Sur vous pouvez écouter la prononciation de mots et d’expressions en anglais.

5) Dictionnaire des termes militaires (U.S.):

DoD Dictionary of Military Terms

 6) Portail d’anglais médical (Université de Bourgogne):

Medical English Department


Chaînes et reportages

1) Chaînes de télévision en ligne:

NATO Channel 

The Pentagon Channel

2) Reportages sur les médecins militaires:


a. Life and Death in the War Zone (PBS documentary; the emergency medical response:  doctors, nurses, and medics in a frontline Combat Support Hospital in Iraq in April and May 2003, 54’24). The transcript for this report can be found here.

b. NPR 2007 three-part audio series on critical care in the war zone:

Part 1: Army Medevac Unit Races Against ‘Golden Hour’

Part 2: ‘Miracle Workers’ Save Lives at Balad Field Hospital

Part 3: Combat Medicine: Fast-Tracking Troops to Germany



a. British artist David Cotterrell on Afghanistan:

Military medicine photo essay, Camp Bastion 2008

b. Frontline Medicine (BBC documentary on medical advances driven by the conflict in Afghanistan, 2011, two parts: Part 1 – Survival; Part 2 – Rebuilding Lives)

c. Bagram E.R. Military Medicine in Afghanistan 

d. Treating the wounded at Bagram Air Base

e. NATO Channel: Afghanistan War - Lifesavers

Part 1: Dustoff!

Part 2: Wounded in action

f. Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) 

g. Dustoff Two seven: the US helicopter medics (2008 report by embedded journalist from The Guardian)

h. A Rescue Under Fire in Afghanistan (The New York Times, 2011)

i. Documentary: The Golden Hour (ABC News, 2010)

j. French Doctors Save Girl’s Life (NATO Channel)

k. Flying home – The road to recovery (NATO Channel)

l. Life and Death in Kandahar (CBC Canada report in Role 4 MTF in Kandahar)


3) Terminologie militaire:

U.S. Military lingo (NPR – 4 December, 2013) 


4) Guidelines:

Clinical Practice Guidelines (United States Army Institute of Surgical Research)


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